Hi, I'm Euridice. A Professional Life Coach and Therapist

I have helped a lot of people free themselves from the confinements of their daily lives and go on to live the life they want. 

What I can help you achieve


Programmes tailored to you, your life and your goals.


Destroy limiting beliefs that have held you back for years.


Growth actions set after sessions to help move you forward.


that fits with your lifestyle and schedule


10-minute Phone Check-ins to keep you on track and motivated

Stress Buster

Hit the reset button with a custom one week program with instantaneous results.

How can I help?

You may be looking for:     

  • Your dream career        
  • Finding your confidence·        
  • Having healthy relationships        
  • Addiction recovery      
  • Prosperity and fulfilment
This is where a life coach can help! Accountability appointments with someone you commit to provides up to 95% chance of achieving a goal. You are capable of more in life.

A Distinctive Approach

Euridice’s approach is grounded in Positive Psychology compassion and a wealth of valuable personal experience. She has training and certifications in life coaching and takes on-going professional development seriously. 

Euridice will always treat you with unconditional respect and professionalism

Up to 95% sucess rate

“My life was very confusing and I did not know what I was supposed to do or even feel at the time, maybe 2 years ago, when I met Euridice she was very direct and positive about everything and she could clearly see the right steps to take and I trusted her from the first time we met.”  – Carlos

“Euridice is lovely an such a kind soul, she is really easy to talk to and you can trust her immediately.” – Lorraine

 “Euridice is very nice and kind, we can talk about anything for hours and she will keep guiding you in the right direction never missing the point, I like that” –  Funda


Life coaching is the process of transforming one’s life from insight to action.

First we look at where you are, and determine where you want to get to. Once we know the destination, then we look at what is stopping you getting there, and how we can move you forward. 

I use a variety of tools and techniques including but not limited to Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

I also draw from my rich life experience from my days as an entrepreneur, a single parent, being lost and having depression, as well as the extensive coaching and personal development work I’ve done myself.

Therapy is more focused on mental health, and transforming dysfunctional behaviours into functional ones. It tends to involve a lot of focus on the past. 

Life Coaching, however, is more focused on moving forward and creating your future. Imagine you are in a car at point A. The process of my coaching is about determining where point B is for you, helping you determine the best route to get there, and seeing if there are any blockages in the engine of the car (such as limiting beliefs). 

There may be some overlap with certain therapy and life coaching styles such as exploring your psyche. My life coaching tends to only revisit the past in an almost surgical way of rewriting old core beliefs, whereas therapy tends to focus exclusively on the past. 


It should be stressed that life coaching is not a replacement for professional psychological help. If you believe you are suffering from mental health issues, you should first speak to your doctor as a first port of call.

If it is a psychological or mental health issue, you should first refer them to a medical or psychological professional.

If you believe they would really benefit from coaching, know that I can only work with them if they are willing to work with me. Mostlikely, they are not ready for coaching yet if you are having to book the consultation for them. 

Instead, it may be better for you to focus on your life and your issues to avoid becoming co-dependent with trying to fix the person you are trying to help (this is especially true if they have an addiction).

I offer both at present. There isn’t any difference in the quality of session I have found.

Yes. I have a BSc, I hold a CPD-Accredited Diploma in Life Coaching.

My pricing model works whereby if more sessions are required to achieve your objectives, then the price per session reduces.

With their parents/guardian permission, and subject to my Coaching Agreement, yes.

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