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Right this minute in time, could this be you?

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We all flat line at some point in our lives and the good news is that it’s nature’s way of saying you need to do things differently and shake things up a bit. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and come to the end of ourselves and we need inspiration and a bit of wise guidance to reset our paths and get us back into action.


Welcome to Kick-Start 30! A month of ideas to get you out of the rut and into the groove and put that sassy glide back in your stride.


For less than a £1 a day you will be sent incisive coaching questions and tools to help you unlock stuck thoughts and ways of being to open up new ideas and possibilities for you.

The Kick-Start 30 Challenge - What You Get

10 days of coaching questions on how to improve your happiness and reignite your passion.

10 days of coaching questions and tools on ways to increase your energy and feel fired up and ready for change.

10 days of coaching questions and tools to boost confidence and help you identify your strengths.

There are 3 power podcasts of me talking you through techniques and providing inspiration and motivation to get you started.

You will be given access to download your Magic Month of Change journal which you can print off, keep and reuse as a memoir, guide and progress tome to mark the changes you will have made.

Access to the Kick-Start 30 Challenge Facebook community where you can connect, communicate and get support from your fellow challengers.

This is a starter pack to get you ready to take action. At the end of the 30 days you can book a free coaching consultation with Euridice to see if you wish to take the next step and invest in some one-to-one coaching to create the life you have dreamed of.

Sign up and start your Kick-Start 30 Challenge to increased Confidence, Energy and Happiness!

Don’t avoid, don’t procrastinate and if anyone is thinking – this is not for me –

you can go straight to the head of the queue. It takes 30 days to get closer to

a life you’ll love living.


30 emails and 3 videos over the course of just over 4 weeks.

PROGRAMME COST: £29.99 – that’s less than £1 a day!


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